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Personal Insurance

Ensuring you have the right insurance for you and your loved ones can be a confusing and time consuming experience. Accidents, illnesses and hardship can strike at any time, and you need the right cover that will shield you and your loved ones at your time of need. With Port Phillip Insurance Services you have the peace of mind that the most suitable personal insurance policies will be found for you, removing the time and effort from finding insurance and saving you money in the process.

See how Port Phillip Insurance Services can assist you with:

Whether you are a renter, a landlord, or an owner/occupier you have spent a lifetime saving and filling your home with prized possessions. Unfortunately many Australians choose the wrong policy or do not realise the true value of their possessions and are caught out with underinsurance. When adversity strikes you need to be able to rely on the right home insurance and/or contents insurance to protect your assets.

Offering a range of policies for renters, our experienced home and contents insurance advisers can help you with competitive premiums on policies with:

  • Automatic flood cover – regardless of water source
  • New for old replacement
  • Temporary accommodation during repairs
  • Discounts for applicants over 55 years
  • Flexible excesses

Combine your home, contents and even motor vehicle insurance for multi-policy discounts – Contact Us

Without your car how would you get to work, the shops or run around after the family? What if your caravan or trailer was struck by an accident? With complex and frustrating experiences such as these you need to know that your insurance covers your best interests. The experienced advisors at Port Phillip Insurance Services take the time to understand your particular needs and find the right caravan insurance, trailer/float insurance and/or motor insurance for you. With flexible insurance policies available you can find a tailored package designed to meet your needs. Speak with an advisor today about:

  • Car hire after theft
  • Accidental loss or damage
  • Damage by uninsured drivers
  • No excess
  • Emergency repairs, travel and accommodation
  • Transportation and storage costs

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Your boat, whether it is a sail, power or runabout, is an investment that attracts special risks and costs. As a responsible owner you can’t afford not to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, the users and operators of the boat. Speak with a qualified boat insurance agent on how you can benefit from boat insurance policies that provide:

  • Water skiers liability
  • Racing cover for sail boats
  • Discounts for lay-up periods
  • Emergency and Rescue expenses

Combine your home, contents and even motor vehicle insurance for multi-policy discounts – Contact Us

Caravan and Trailer Insurance protects your caravan or trailer from being damaged or stolen – whether you’re on the road, or it’s just parked in the driveway at home.

Whether you are travelling regularly or infrequently, interstate or overseas you want to leave at ease and come back with fond memories; not worrying about the safety of your documents, health or money. Each year over 1,200 Australians overseas are hospitalised – with over 50 needing evacuation for medical purposes. With medical evacuation from the United States of America costing up to $300,000 (source: Smart Traveller), can you afford not to take out travel insurance?

Avoid being a statistic and get travel insurance that protects you and your important possessions.

When you deal with the experienced travel insurance agents at Port Phillip Insurance Services, you are engaging with industry professionals who are able to assess and compare a range of travel insurance policies to find the best one to suit your unique travel needs. Talk to us about travel insurance that covers you for:

  • Lost luggage
  • Riots and strikes
  • Natural disasters
  • Travel delays
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income

Insurance for property owners falls generally into a few main categories:

  • Commercial Strata Insurance for industrial, commercial and other strata titled properties
  • Residential Strata Insurance for domestic properties under a strata title
  • Landlord Insurance for investment properties

Our team will develop a clear understanding of your property and your insurance needs so we can develop an insurance solution that is right for you.

Defend your Investment with Body Corporate Strata Title Insurance, for both Commercial Strata and Residential Strata properties

This insurance is specifically to protect strata title property owners and owners’ corporations who are responsible for common property, buildings and contents. Body Corporate Strata Insurance will generally provide coverage for:

  • Buildings and Common Property
  • Liability
  • Officer Bearers Liability
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Removal of Debris

Landlord Insurance helps you protect your investment property against damage caused by tenants or loss of rental income. These types of policies can also include automatic cover for floods and storms, depending upon the insurer.

Talk to us about your property today.

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