Business Insurance

Business Insurance

We help small to medium sized businesses, professionals and tradespeople; we have access to business products from all the major insurance companies and will help you obtain appropriate and cost-effective insurance solutions for your business including:

Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed for people who provide professional advice for a living, including accountants, marketing consultants and medical professionals. It protects you, your employees and your business against claims arising from alleged errors and omissions in carrying out your professional duty.

If you provide professional advice, talk to us today about protecting your and your business.

Whether you operate a small or medium business you cannot underestimate the need for product or public liability insurance. Covering you for any personal injury or property damage caused by your business, public liability insurance is a necessity for any responsible business operator. With dedicated and experienced advisors on hand to make on-site assessments, Port Phillip Insurance Services can ensure that you pick the right cover for your business; speak with a public liability insurance advisor today.

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You have worked hard to build your business, so why not shield your livelihood with commercial insurance that’s right for you.

If your business was struck by adversity how would you cover the costs to repair your office, machinery, replace computers, software, mobile phones, goods in transit and business contents?

More so, in today’s litigious society you cannot risk avoiding professional indemnity insurance – the costs are too great.

Each business is different, which is why Port Phillip Insurance Services can make on-site visits to assess policy requirements and help you avoid the risk of underinsuring – which could lead you to financial ruin. Speak with a Port Phillip Insurance Services advisor about your commercial insurance, professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance needs today.

Our commercial insurance options enable you to select the most appropriate cover for:

  • Fire and Other Damage Insurance
    Cover your building, building contents and stock – plus cover costs associated with removing debris – for specific events so you can get up and running sooner.
  • Burglary Insurance
    Cover theft of stock, electronic equipment and other business contents within your building following forced and violent entry.
  • General Property Insurance
    Tailor your coverage for items in or out the office.
  • Business Interruption Insurance
    Cover your loss of income as a result of insured damage that happens at the insured premises.
  • Accidental Damage Insurance
    Cover loss or damage to property insured at your business premises.
  • Glass Breakage Insurance
    Cover the replacement value of broken glass and cost of stock spoiled by the broken glass. Also covers temporary shuttering, sign writing and repairing plastic signs up to $5,000.
  • Product and Public Liability Insurance
    Cover your legal liability for personal injury or damage to property caused by an occurrence connected with your business.
  • Fraud and Dishonesty Insurance
    Cover any loss of money or goods as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any of your employees.
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
    Cover loss or damage to goods in transit caused by specified events such as collision, overturning, derailment, fire, explosion, or theft following forcible and violent entry to the vehicle; the damage to goods during loading and unloading can be added to the cover.
  • Money Insurance
    Cover loss of or damage to money while kept in your building, in transit or at your private residence.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance
    Cover the cost of repairing electrical or mechanical machines for sudden or accidental breakdown so you can get back to work.
  • Tax Audit Insurance
    Cover the professional fees that occur in connection with a tax audit

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Whether you are a sole owner/operator or managing a team, your skill-based occupation is reliant on material and machinery. Unfortunately, machinery and goods can break down, be damaged or stolen – stalling work and upsetting client deadlines. Offering competitive trade insurance premiums, Port Phillip Insurance Services can help you find the right sort of cover for your particular business, so if there ever is an issue you can be operating sooner with minimal setbacks.

Speak with us today on trade insurance policies that cover:

  • Product and Public Liability Insurance
  • Burglary
  • Construction
  • Goods in Transit
  • Business Interruption

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If your business relies on company cars, fleet and transport vehicles (under 5 tonne carrying capacity) you cannot afford not to have an appropriate level of motor insurance cover. Highly competitive, Port Phillip Insurance Services has a dedicated team of advisors who will not only help you pick the right cover to suit your business, but process claims efficiently. Speak with an experienced commercial motor insurance agent today to discuss your needs.

Covering cars, 4WDs, utilities, vans and trucks under 5 tonne carrying capacity, shield your livelihood, keep your staff on the road and maintain your customer service network with motor insurance that works for you.

With Comprehensive and Third Party Legal Liability insurance available you can benefit from cover for:

  • Towing and storage costs
  • Accidental damage or loss to your motor vehicle
  • Emergency repairs
  • Legal liability for damage to another person’s property, personal injury caused by the insured vehicle, and property damage or personal injury as a result of the insured vehicle carrying dangerous goods
  • Up to $5,000 for damage to the insured vehicle cause by an uninsured driver

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With large, and often costly, assets in your business you need insurance that is broad enough, yet flexible, to cover your unique needs.

Your livelihood depends on filling customer demands quickly, let alone when your business faces a production challenge – how will you manage if your business faces losses involving assets or business interruption arising from physical loss or damage to the property used in the business? It might take a few days, even weeks, to have your business running at full capacity – what if replacement machinery or parts need to be ordered from overseas?

Every moment you are not filling customer demands is costing you money and tarnishing your reputation. To help your business bounce back you need insurance that is specifically tailored to shield your type of business and the sorts of risks you face.

Ensure the ongoing success of your business with Industrial Special Risk insurance from a Port Phillip Insurance advisor today.

Bundle your industrial special risks insurance with other business insurance for multi-policy discounts – Contact Us.

As your business operates on the guaranteed delivery of goods – to or from your workplace – you need that added insurance your customers can rely on.

Protecting goods travelling over land, sea or air you can be insured for goods lost during these transits.

Highly experienced in these sorts of cover, Port Phillip Insurance Services offers a range of policies:

  • Single domestic transits within Australia
  • Single transits coming to or from Australia, and
  • Annual policies for businesses with regular transportation of goods

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Farm Insurance protects you against financial loss if you experience a major interruption to your business – including covers designed specifically for farms including machinery breakdowns or loss of feed and stock. Cover options can include:

  • Business Liability Insurance to cover personal injury or damage to property caused by your business activities
  • Farm Property Insurance to cover your buildings and contents against damage or loss
  • Domestic Property – Home and Contents Insurance to cover you against damage or loss as a result of fire, theft and flash flood

Not for profit organisations and community groups are a vital part of the fabric of our society and add something very positive to the lives they touch. Unfortunately this does not immune them from claims from third parties, injuries to staff and other issues. Every community organisation is unique and that’s why it’s important to ensure the insurance cover suits your specific organisation’s needs.

Contact us today to discuss your organisation’s needs and obtain a quote.

We will take the time to get to know your business to assess which package best suits your particular requirements. The package we recommend will depend on your insurance type, size and sums insured.

Looking for more information?

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