With this year looking like an El Nino year, which typically causes drier and warmer conditions in most of Australia, adverse weather events like bushfire, drought and flood are increasing in risk.

This El Nino (predicted by measuring warmer ocean temperatures) could be even worse than many of past years due to the warming of ocean water matching levels seen in the El Nino of 1997-98, which was the worst on record claiming 23,000 lives worldwide and causing $35 billion in damages (source).

With the combined impact of global warming and El Nino, 2014 could end up being the hottest year in recorded history. This is despite 2013 already being the hottest year on record in Australia. We’ve probably all witnessed this first hand with most of Australia currently experiencing warmer than average temperatures, which can be great in winter but not in a dry summer!

In fact global warming could triple the number of bushfires in Australia, leading to severe destruction. If you thought bushfires of the last few years have been alarming, you probably haven’t yet seen the true force of nature unleashed to its devastating potential.

With facts like these, it is not a matter of if but when it happens to so many of us who live in at-risk areas, including the outer suburbs of major cities. The question of insurance for property, assets and lives should be simple and ensuring you’re well covered must take greater priority.

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